8 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. Dear Mrs Morison,

    We had lots of fun at the beach.
    We hope we can go to the beach again!

    From Kittina and Celinda 🙂

  2. Hi Mrs Morison and Mrs Bortolin,
    I loved going to the beach. I loved doing the freeplay part. I can’t wait to go next year when I’m in Year 5.


  3. Dear Mrs Morison

    Nice pictures you took at the beach of us!! =3
    When are we going to the beach again?
    It was a nice day there too. =)

  4. Dear Mrs Morison,
    We really liked the beach day, it was so amazing.
    The activities that we liked was Frisbee, vortex and free play.

    from Daniel and Nathan

  5. Dear Mrs Bortolin and Morison,
    I loved going to the beach. My favourite part was free time because I covered some people in the sand.

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