The Dreaming

How Snakes Were Made     By Liem

In the dreamtime, Indigenous Aboriginals were hunting for food, they caught some animals like: kangaroos, dingoes,a platypus and eels. They tied the animals in string and carried the animal’s back to their camp. They firstly ate the animals tails and then ate the rest of the animal’s body. Suddenly they became longer and their tongues became long, they were getting scales. They lost their legs and arms, they didn’t have hair anymore and they were very long. They could make a sound like “SSSsss” and they were surprised. They put their tongues out and they could sense everything.

And that is how Snakes were made.


How Koalas Were Made


In the dreamtime there was a young man named Zuyiko.  Zuyiko was a very active man who liked to run a lot. He also liked to annoy others by calling them names and telling terrible jokes that weren’t funny. The other men disliked him.

One day a man named Yukiyikiwa found a strange looking tree. Yukiyikiwa pulled out one of the leaves and smelled it. He felt very sleepy but managed to stay awake. An idea popped up in his head.Yukiyikiwa walked bravely to Zuyiko.

“Smell this. It smells lovely!” Yukiyikiwa lied while smiling. Zuyiko took the leaf without hesitating. He quickly smelled it. His eyes looked they were giving up, so Zuyiko climbed up a tree and slept. For days and days he would sleep in the same tree. He suddenly started to grow  grey fur and claws. He even started to get smaller!

“This is fascinating! Oh he must stay like this forever! In fact, we’ll change his name too!” Yukiyikiwa said with excitement. A few days later, Yukiyikiwa finally made a decision for Zuyiko’s name; koala.

Everyone agreed. Soon after, Zuyiko, the koala found another koala. It was a girl. They both talked to each other and had a baby. Then there became more koalas. And this is how koalas were made.

How koalas were made and got their colours

By Paul

In the dreamtime, there was a person named Tim. Tim didn’t have a home to live in, so he climbed up a tree to sleep in. Tim began to sleep. The next day he woke up. He had claws and and he looked smaller. He was a koala. A few hours later, it was night time. People began to sleep in trees too.

When they woke up, they were koalas too. Tim and the other koalas made friends together. One day, a person was holding a torch and walking to find a cave to have some shelter, when all of a sudden, the person accidently dropped the torch. The person ran away because of the trees were burning. He ran as far as he could away from the trees.

All the trees turned into ash, when all of a sudden, all the ash burst away from the trees. It went on the koalas. The koalas had been brown but now the koalas were grey. Some other koalas did not join in so they stayed brown.


How Emu’s were Made

In the dreamtime, there lived a young boy named Lorence. He was one of the hunters. One day the men called Lorence because it was hunting time.

So then they went to a nearby river and Lorence said, “Mmm, are you sure about this father?” And he said “It’s ok son”  and so they went on.

When they were close to the river, they saw a crocodile so they started walking away quietly and finally they came back to their camp.

The next day they went back and they saw the crocodile again. Then the crocodile saw them and they got chased. They all ran as fast as they could and they became Emu’s and so on the crocodile left them alone.

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