11 thoughts on “Welcome to 3/4HB!

  1. I think that this is one of the best classes in 2018 we have the best teachers

    1. Thanks Kiera, but we really have the best students at our school in this class!

  2. I am really excited to be in 3/4 HB this year, and I hope I can make many more friends

  3. I am really excited in this classroom because everyone is very kind and I am never shy.We also have 2 great teachers this is why I like this class.

    Aden 🙂

  4. I am excited to be in this class, because we have some wonderful teachers and students. Hopefully there is an amazing year to come!

  5. This year is probably the best class because I have made sooo many friends 😀

  6. I’m excited for this class because I have the BEST TEACHERS EVER

  7. Last Term was crazy-I mean Term 1. The best part about Term 1 was the Puffing Billy excursion
    because we all had fun and spent the whole day together as a class. It was the best memory I ever had and I wish we went there again with the class :):(
    From your student Sarah:)

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